About Us

What is Philly Faith in Action?

Philly Faith in Action, founded in 2011, is a coalition between Brown University’s Global Health Initiative and over 100 faith and community leaders in Philadelphia committed to eradicating the AIDS epidemic. Philly Faith in Action emerged out of a 2010 citywide campaign to promote more widespread HIV testing and HIV/AIDS awareness in congregations across the city of Philadelphia.

What does Philly Faith in Action do?

In partnership with faith institutions, Philly Faith in Action engages in diverse activities to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, offer testing and treatment, and fight stigma.

Philly Faith in Action offers HIV testing and provides educational materials and trainings for clergy and community members about HIV/AIDS.

Philly Faith in Action also engages in local, state and federal advocacy to promote the health, interests and welfare of those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Philly Faith in Action promotes HIV/AIDS awareness and fights stigma by sponsoring media and social marketing campaigns. Philly Faith in Action is partnering with the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Greater than AIDS Campaign (www.greaterthan.org) to develop a local and national media campaign to fight stigma and promote HIV testing and treatment with African American clergy. This campaign includes billboards of Philadelphia clergy that promote HIV testing that will be placed around Philadelphia; video clips of Pastors and
Imams giving their testimonials about HIV/AIDS available on the Greater than AIDS website; and new HIV/AIDS educational materials tailored for faith settings that are available for free for congregations nationwide. This campaign launched in July 2012 at the International AIDS Society Conference.

In fall 2012, Philly Faith in Action screened the movie The Gospel of Healing at churches and mosques around Philadelphia.